Researcher of Sustainability Science.

Thinker of the philosophy of sustainability, societal transformations, complex systems and the overpowering vacuum of the mainstream in a global society/economy.

Doer of design as problem solving and actions as manifestations of ideologies.

An activist of social sustainability, such as didactics of critical thinking, societal integration, and economic equality.

Ph.D. Student of Sustainability Science @ University of Helsinki, DENVI doctoral school, HELSUS affiliated, 2016-

Universities Educating Sustainability Change-makers” is my PhD research topic, on the discipline, education and sustainability impact of sustainability science. This research is funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation.


Previous studies: 

ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA), 2015

M.A. in Creative Sustainability @ Aalto University, 2015

B.A. in Design @ Lahti Institute of Design, 2010




At the moment:

  • Waiting for the first dissertation article, on sustainability science master’s programmes educated competencies, to be reviewed
  • Finalising the second dissertation paper, on student’s sustainability transition narrations and the effect on them through interconnected sustainability education – based on online course on Sustainability Leadership (in collaboration between Helsinki and Tampere uni and funded by Sitra)
  • Planning both third and fourth dissertation articles, one on the sustainability impact of sustainability science education graduates, another on co-creating a goal/practice-oriented sustainability science framework from education’s perspective
  • Slowly brewing articles on the foundations of Philosophy of Sustainability Science and on the overpowering current economic system as a path-dependancy-block for sustainability transformation
  • Constantly developing new course ideas and themes under the broad theme of sustainability science
  • Outside academia: working with awesome Cafe Damascus/Damascusito, doing my workouts, and constantly thinking about stuffs 🙂